Mirrah Foulkes wrote and directed FLORENCE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING, winning the AACTA Award for Best Short Fiction Film at the 4th AACTA Awards in 2015.  Foulkes' short films have also received awards at FlickerFest, The Aspen ShortsFest and the Sydney Film Festival.  As an actor Foulkes has starred in many productions both at home and abroad including ANIMAL KINGDOM, TOP OF THE LAKE and THE TURNING for which she was nominated for an AACTA award for best supporting actor.

How did you get into short filmmaking?

I wrote a script for a short film. I don't think I had any real intention to make it but the boys kept hassling me, especially David (Michôd) and Nash (Edgerton), they kept saying 'when are you going to make that short' until eventually I had some time between jobs and a bunch of people around me that were willing to work on it for free so I made it. I didn't expect to enjoy directing as much as I did.

Favourite short film of all time?

A film I saw at Flickerfest a couple of years ago called Butter Lamp. I think it got nominated for an Oscar. It's beautiful, simple and profound.

Most valued asset onset when making a short film? 

Friends. I really like having friends around that I can trust. I try to crew up with people I know and love but I also like it when friends drop in. You can get myopic and having an outside eye on things can help. That's one of the great things about Blue-Tongue, we try to visit each other's sets, even if it's just to say hi and get a free lunch. It's nice to have that support.

Top tip for emerging short filmmakers?

Just keep working as much as you can. Make things all the time. Even if you don't have money, even if you don't have a good idea. The ideas will grow, you'll find the money when you need it. I think you have to be bold and brave with shorts. They're the place to figure out your voice. If you make things all the time you won't feel so bad when you fuck it up. Take risks.

In three words, describe your first short film

Contained. Caravan. Cats.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm gearing up to shoot my first feature with Vice films. I'm also developing another feature with Alex White (who produced my last two shorts) and a TV series with Carver films.