Nash Edgerton is a true multi-hyphenate. After getting his break at the age of 18 as a stunt performer, he has gone on to establish himself as an Actor, Stunt Performer, Editor, Producer, Writer and Director of indisputable talent. 

He directed the critically acclaimed but hardly seen feature film THE SQUARE, many international award winning and widely seen short films including LUCKY, SPIDER and BEAR, as well as music videos for renowned artists including four for music legend Bob Dylan. He also produced and edited the cult mockumentary THE MAGICIAN.

As a stuntman he has worked on over 150 films and TV shows including THE MATRIX TRILOGY, STAR WARS II & III, THIN RED LINE and SUPERMAN RETURNS.

How did you get into short filmmaking?

Unintentionally, really. My friend Tony Lynch and I had an idea to shoot an action sequence to put on our show reels to try and get work as stuntmen. My brother Joel thought the same could work for getting acting work. He recruited a friend from his drama class at university, Kieran, who had been doing some writing. Kieran wrote the script, the four of us produced, acted, and stunted. We stole locations, and I edited it on Adobe Premiere v1.0. We pretty much had to do everything as we didn’t really know anyone or anything. It was an amazing learning experience and created the filmmaking bug in us all.

Favourite short film of all time?

I have so many that I love. LOVE YOU MORE by Sam Taylor Wood, TWO CARS ONE NIGHT by Taika Waititi, EUGENE by Spencer Susser, CRACKER BAG by Glendyn Ivin, and lots of Twilight Zone stories like EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.

Most valued asset onset when making a short film? 

The ability to adapt. Things don’t always go to plan, so you need to be able to adapt. Filmmaking is a form of organised chaos and there are so many things coming in and out of your control. Know the story you are trying to tell and the ultimate end goal - but be willing and able to change the way you are going to achieve it if you come up against restrictions, which are inevitable. 

Also having my friends around and involved in whatever capacity.

Top tip for emerging short filmmakers?

Be resourceful and make something that you want to see.

In three words, describe your first short film

Raw, violent and fun.

What are you working on at the moment? 

Being better at stuff.