Congratulations to the filmmakers of LADYLIKE - the winner of the #SocialShorts presented by MINI Comedy category!

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Small time criminals and big time best friends Maya and Cassie are going to rob Wayne Mason's house. It should be one of the easiest scores the duo have ever made, if only they can keep their existential crises in check.


A man in the bathtub, accompanied by his GI Joe and rubber ducky, is distraught over the rebuke of his marriage proposal. Until he receives a lifeline, with strings attached.

Breakfast in Bed

It's Mother’s Day and Lenny forgot. What last minute gifts will Lenny come up with?

Five O'Clock

Two bushrangers attempt to con a rich merchant without realising just how important he is. They now face a meeting with the town’s sergeant at five o’clock, sharp.

For Your Sins

A young man seeks the help of a boutique communications agency to help raise awareness for his cause - your sins - via a physical challenge - crucifixion.

Mrs. S.

A mismatched brother and sister find their estranged mother dead in her shack in the Australian Alps. They enlist the help of a laconic local at a nearby petrol station who gives them more than they bargained for.

Safety First

United States 2016. Donald Trump has just been elected President. As political uncertainty spreads through the streets of Los Angeles, three Aussie expats decide to take charge of their future once and for all.

Serving Joy

The table is set, the roast is cooked, and the soufflés are rising as high as Joy's blood pressure for the most important dinner party of her life. As the wine flows, the veneer of middle-class decorum begins to crack.

The Intentions of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Two Australian hitmen on a routine ‘clean up’ job find themselves immersed in a conversation about The Great Gatsby while their victim makes a run for it.


A young Filipino boy in Western Sydney gets an enchanting crash-course in his homeland culture when his uncle reveals himself to be a cross-dresser in the ‘Bakla’ tradition. 

Trigger Happy

Award winning screenwriter Betty Winter has a showdown with her executive producer Richard after he hijacks her film to make her female characters die sexy deaths.

Your Call Is Important To Us

What really goes on at call-centers when asked, “Please hold”? We peek behind the scenes of one particularly specialised call-centre on that fateful day when big-shot CEO, Simon, makes the most important call of his life.