Corrie Chen is an award-winning filmmaker and a highly sought-after director of Australian television working across comedy and drama. Corrie directed the second series of MUSTANGS FC, for which she received an ADG Award nomination for Best Direction in a Childrens TV Drama. She directed and executive produced the online series HOMECOMING QUEENS (SBS On-Demand), which has been nominated for multiple awards including an ADG award and an AACTA for Best Online Series. Corrie previously directed SISTERS, the first season of MUSTANGS FC, and FIVE BEDROOMS. She is currently in development on several TV and feature film projects, and is shooting SEACHANGE in 2019.

Corrie was a beneficiary of the prestigious Screen Australia Talent Escalator program, through which she completed her short Reg Makes Contact. The film screened at the 2015 Melbourne International Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Live Action Short at the AACTA Awards. Her short documentary SUICIDE AND ME, earned her an ADG Award for Best Short Documentary. In 2018 she was awarded the Film Victoria Greg Tepper award for her contributions to the industry.